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Noise barrier, another kind of barrier system, prevents vehicle and city noise pollution into the city. For this reason, it is generally used on highways in cities. These barriers, which prevent noise pollution and allow the people live more peacefully, provide sound insulation between the noise and the noise-affected area. These pieces, which are used in the form of panel placement, are more common in modern cities. Since its use is outdoors, materials suitable for industrial environments, outdoors, natural conditions and adverse weather conditions are preferred in its production. The barriers, which are specially designed considering such factors, are extremely resistant to substances such as moisture, water, dirt, dust, saltwater, ultraviolet light, corrosion, and grease.

What is Noise Barrier?

Noise barrier, which is one of the effective solutions for reducing traffic-caused noise, has structural and acoustic properties. Panels placed along lines such as bridges and roads prevent vehicle noise from passing to the other side. At the same time, these barriers are used to prevent the spread of compressor, generator and similar machine sounds. Sound from machines or vehicles hits the panels and some of it is absorbed during this time. In this way, there is a slight decrease in the sound expected to spread around.

When the areas where the noise barrier is used are examined, these include railway lines, industrial facilities, airports and ports, hospitals, hotels, apartments, and sites. Since barriers will be preferred for these areas, it is important to choose the most suitable type.

What Does a Noise Barrier Do?

The benefits of the noise barrier, which offers less noise and better quality of life to the people inthe area, increase the comfort of daily life. Thanks to these barriers, which are generally preferred on roads with very heavy vehicle traffic, the sound and noise coming from the source are significantly reduced. In this way, there is a serious increase in the quality of life of people working or living in the surrounding area. These barriers, which are effective in preventing environmental and noise pollution, are produced in accordance with the noise decibel. It is mounted on the edge of the highway, providing better noise suppression. Barriers that trap the noise eliminate the sound. In this way, the people around will be free from the negative effects of noise.

Noise Barrier Types

Noise barriers are; acoustic noise barrier, railway sound barrier and transparent noise barrier.

– Acoustic noise barrier: These panels, which look like metal walls, are placed side by side. Some of the sound coming to the panels is retained by the materials inside.

– Railway sound barrier: As the name suggests, these noise barriers used on train tracks help prevent sound pollution.

– Transparent noise barrier: This sound barrier, produced by using plexiglass or acrylic material, offers an aesthetic appearance as it does not obscure the image. Since the noise absorption coefficient is lower, most of the sound hitting the panel is reflected back.

What are the Advantages of Noise Barriers?

-The advantages of sound or noise barriers make daily life more comfortable. These soundproofing systems offer the best performance in isolating airborne sound. This system, which reduces the noise caused by the railway and highway, is also practical. Noise barriers, which are easy and fast to install, are sent from the factory ready for use and panels are installed when they arrive at the area to be placed.

Barriers with low cost are resistant to high impacts. There are steel reinforcements in the panels, which are produced to withstand severe pressure. It is possible to encounter barriers frequently in daily life due to the low maintenance cost as well as production. The barriers, which are resistant to both fire and weather conditions, are suitable for use in any environment. Being non-flammable and non-flammable makes the system preferable.

How Does a Noise Barrier Work?

Since the problem of noise pollution is common in crowded cities, sound barriers are used to minimize this damage. According to this, first the amount of sound in the environment is calculated and barriers are made according to the decibel obtained. Barriers for highway noise are placed at the edge of the highway. The noise barrier will trap the noise coming from the surroundings and make the environment quieter. Thus, the people around will be protected from the harmful effects of noise. There are many companies producing these barriers in our country. Thanks to these, people will have an effective system.